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Resources from the Exeter Math Institute workshop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Exeter Problem SetsEdit

These are the 4 main problem sets developed by Phillips Exeter Academy for their math progression. Each links directly to a PDF. Right click and "save as..." to download. Lab packets needed for specific courses are available on the course pages.

Math1 Math1 was updated August 2 - redownload if you did not get that version.




Daily ScheduleEdit

8:00 AM Welcome Library
8:15 AM AM Class 213, 214, or 216
11:30 AM Lunch Library
12:00 PM Lunch Talks Library
12:15 PM PM Class 213, 214, or 216

Course PagesEdit


Teaching the Fundamentals of Algebra I

Using a Hands-On Activities-Based Approach in Geometry

A Fresh Look at Trigonometric Functions and their Applications


Using a Hands-On Activities-Based Approach in Algebra I

Problem Solving in Algebra II

A Fresh Look at Introductory Calculus

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