This page has resources that may or may not have been presented at the workshop. Please feel free to add your own or comment on entries.

Blogs Edit

Dan Meyer | dy/dan Originator of 3-Act lessons, general discussion on math ed; works on Desmos team

Fawn Nguyen | Finding Ways Teaches grades 6 through 9 math; solid posts on general teaching best practices

Carmel Schettino Mathematics education research, problem based learning pedagogy and professional development

Harkness for Thirty Blog that discusses strategies for incorporating Harkness and Exeter problems into a larger classroom.

Mind/Shift How we will learn Articles regarding the future of learning.

Granted, and... an article about how much time students spend sitting.

Edutopia Article about the benefits of moveable classroom furniture.

Books Edit

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Many suggestions that will help plan a class, curriculum, learning activities, etc.

Brain Rules Articulates what scientists know about the brain and articulates how that should influence educators as well as schools.

Mindset Explores fixed vs growth mindset and how they impact student learning; a must read to respond to students who think they are "just not a math mind."

Spurious Correlations Military intelligence analyst and Harvard Law student Tyler Vigen illustrates the golden rule that "correlation does not equal causation" through hilarious graphs inspired by his viral website.

Sites Edit

Desmos The best darn graphing calculator out there

Explore the MTBoS A directory and tutorial guide for diving into the MathTwitterBlogosphere

Yummy Math "It is our belief that when math is explored in contexts that are familiar and of interest to students, students will be more engaged to do math, reason, think critically, question and communicate.  Our activities are written to correspond with the NCTM Process Standards and the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice."

Mathalicious Math resources and lesson ideas; mostly pay, some free samples.

Visual Patterns Sets of patterns that connect with important functions and topics for grades 7-12

Estimation 180 Estimation exercises with some resources; intended for daily use.

Which One Doesn't Belong? Prompt structure where students identify the odd duck; open ended prompts with multiple answers.

Open Middle Collection of K-12 problems that have multiple solutions or at least approaches.

Would you rather? Questions that force students to make a choice using math. especially its subpage: For the Win - tons of online problems

NCTM Illuminations Lesson ideas, some of which with interactive modules. Activities, articles, and interactives from the University of Cambridge as part of the Millennium Mathematics Project

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Files Edit

Nix the Trix Free PDF book encouraging proper language and process instead of shortcut methodology.

Park School of Baltimore Problem Sets 10 books of problems grouped by topic.

Other Edit

Whiteboards USA Large whiteboards good for small group work.